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All Bella Mira Products are Vegan, Vegetarian, Never tested on animals, contain no animal by-products or ingredients, fair trade and eco harvested, and responsibly produced.

Be Your Own Doctor                                         Be Your Own Doctor


Welcome To World Of Bella Mira Essential Oils!

Bella Mira Essential Oils Are:

*Low Temp Steam Distilled *Gluten Free

Fair Trade* Cruelty Free* Not MLM

*95% of Products Certified Organic

*Safe to Use Directly on Skin and Internally

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We Ship Internationally

FREE Shipping Over $150


  We Ship Internationally!



Complete Essential Oil Reference including:

Uses, Complete Ailment/Illness Reference, Veterinary Treatments and Ailments, Complete Instructions on Rejuvenation Technique, Emotional Clearing and Much More.

You cannot get this information anywhere in print or on the web. I wanted my favorite customers to get to try it out and give feedback before it goes on sale.

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New Essential Oil Blends

Ariel Neet

Calm Neet

Citrus Passion Neet

MigraineX Neet

True Blue Neet


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Abundant Life Essentials Code (What We Believe)

Every product we sell is scrutinized with our tough criteria.

Please read our commitment to Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Recycling!

  1: All supplements ingredients must be Certified Organic whenever possible by QAI or Oregon Tilth ( the only recognized truly organic certifying agencies). If Organic Certification is not possible than wild crafted or grown without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, by-products or hormones.

  2: Suppliers must furnish Organic Certification, Gas Chromatograph and Independent Lab Analysis on Demand.

  3: Suppliers must have the highest integrity and track record in their field. With the best customer service and return policy. We will drop anyone who doesn't and we have!

  4: All products we sell including: supplements, body care products, essential oils, food, and cleaning products; must be free of fillers, binders, dangerous (any) chemicals, anti-freeze (propylene glycol), artificial dyes or fragrances.

  5: These products must work and you will feel the difference!

  6: These products must be a good value and an appropriate price!

  7. We are committed to being environmentally responsible. We only work with companies who operate this way.  When we had a retail store we never purchased any paper or plastic bags. We set up a plastic bag recycling bin. And used those for checkout and recycled what was left. We have never bought boxes or packing materials. We collect and reuse boxes for shipping and use the packing material we receive from manufactures. Our bubble bags are biodegradable in 120 days.

  8. As a pro-life owned and operated business; we will never sell any products that contain ingredients that could be derived from humans in anyway. We believe a healthy spiritual life is the most important ingredient in good health.

For all these reasons and many more you will find shopping at Abundant Life Essentials the surest bet for your continuing good health!